Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Saudi Student Organization; Objectives

Just like any other organizations for international students in the university, we aimed to provide family oriented environment for our members. We are genuinely inviting other Saudi students therefore to get involved with â€Å"The Saudi Student Organization at USI†, as we firmly believe that our common culture and social orientation will help us to work more effectively as family and organization. This organization will represent Saudi culture, civilization and history and link them to other USI students of whatever nationality. Furthermore, this organization will help strengthen the social bonds of Saudi students as we are going to redefine the common misconceptions about us. Basically one of its objectives is to increase the members’ understanding towards Saudi and Middle Eastern cultures and to provide them with better understanding with American culture as well. In this way, Arabic students will be able to cope and adjust to the American culture easier and faster. Since, we are anticipating an increasing number of students from Saudi Arabia; we are also aiming to increase the number of our members in SSO. Assuredly, this organization will respond effectively to the members’ special needs and to ensure smooth and positive integration and relationship between other students in the campus. The Saudi Student Organization will provide many opportunities to students from Saudi Arabia and the like to share the beauty and authenticity of their culture and tradition and thus engaging in meaningful and educational dialogues with American students and others. Apparently, the main objective of this is to increase mutual understanding among individuals inside the campus. Furthermore, to be involved in this organization will give the Arabic students opportunities to continue fulfilling and practicing their tradition and religion within their co Arabic members who share the same beliefs. Therefore, there will never be a sense of isolation in this organization since every member can always find something or someone to relate to. They can always accumulate updates towards their culture within the organization and can share ideas and thoughts on how to reaffirm their identity in a foreign country like United States. Meanwhile, SSO will also represent and address the concerns of its members in the administration. Thus, SSO guarantees its members that they always have a voice through their support group. New members, that are those who just came from their country of origin, will be guaranteed that they will acquire enough orientation through SSO about the university as a whole; its culture, trends, academic pattern and sense of community. Furthermore, members will be exposed too to various activities of the university inside and outside. In this way, they can widen their experiences towards different culture and people and as a result they will have more chance to widen their social network, learning and wisdom. Apparently SSO will guarantee its members that learning will not stop within the confinement of the four corners of the classroom but rather SSO will assure them that we will provide them free learning activities and experiences. These objectives will make the members more tolerant and flexible in a society where there is an apparent diversity of culture and different set of belief system. Aside from the aforementioned objectives, SSO will also help its members to develop their leadership skills and self esteem and to explore their full potentials. This will be beneficial for the application of their profession in the future. Interestingly, joining SSO will be a good and wise investment for future endeavors. Members will also be exposed to different kinds of experiences that will even give them many opportunities to help people through sharing and camaraderie. In the future, they will become tolerant and flexible individuals who are prepared to face different kinds of circumstances. Throughout these objectives, SSO conclusively encourage its members to be globally competitive to ensure success not just materially but socially, spiritually and intellectually. We are thus encouraging our co Saudi students to join Saudi Student Organization (SSO) as we want you to experience the fulfillment of our goals and objectives.

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